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Ross White
Ross White Bio

Ross White Bio


For a couple of decades my wife and I have lived together on a narrow boat. We’ve raised our family, home educating, supporting through qualifications and encouraging them in their endeavours. As a family we have enjoyed many good times together. It’s our intention to grow old together, never forgetting how lucky we are to have each other and working hard every day to make our relationship work. 


My motivation is simple: I feel called to help other people feel good. I believe in the power of physical touch and the importance of spiritual awareness. Combining these through my treatments tangibly helps people and I find that very rewarding. I also believe that life is too precious to be miserable. It’s our gift to enjoy it as much as we can. Not in a selfish hedonistic way, but in a celebration of life, nature and spirituality. We should try and live in an open and humorous way, with our challenges and successes bringing us closer to our divinity. 

Regular meditator 

I have regularly meditated for as long as I can remember. My mother was a very successful dog trainer and taught me from a young age about the power of visualization, positive affirmation and active relaxation. More recently I have been curious about mindfulness and Buddhism and my meditation style has subtly changed to a more regular zan zen style. The most rewarding meditation I have performed in the last few years is the body scan meditation and this is what I would like to share with you during our treatment sessions. The body scan reconnects mind, body and soul in a natural and organic way. Every time the body scan meditation is performed a deeper understanding and integration between mind and body develops. However this does not mean I’m good at meditating, just persistent.

Integral to the body scan is developing a conscious awareness of where our concentration is and being able to move out awareness around our mind, body and senses.With a little practice we can sense awareness outside our physical bodies and into a higher plane. The awareness of loving healing energy outside our bodies is what drew me towards Reiki healing. 


My very first job after leaving school at 16 was for a company making second rate burglar alarms in a Birmingham factory.

I only worked there for about four months before deciding to start a new life in Banbury living and working at a Boarding Kennels where I apprenticed as an instructor. I soon realised the service sector was the place for me, with an untiring desire to help others through both action and teaching.

A few years later I moved to a Banbury Vets where I trained and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse. Veterinary Nursing is a wonderful profession and I remained registered for over twenty five years, working for many practices and travelling extensively. 

Following my passion and teaching lead me to qualifying as a further and higher education lecturer, initially teaching Animal Welfare and later teacher training, even gaining a Masters Degree in education.

After another few years working in a small independent Banbury Vets I decided it was time for a change and retrained as a massage therapist and later as a Waxing Technician and Reiki Practitioner. In just under a year my client base had developed enough to support me as a full time occupation.

The business has gone from strength to strength with the simple principles of high quality treatments tailored to the individuals needs and excellent customer service. I am still a sole trader and imagine I will stay this way. It would certainly take a very special person for me to entrust my clients with. 

Reiki Practitioner

After a couple of years being a massage therapist I was starting to notice people’s energies and auras. I had been drawn to Reiki in the past and had a couple of sessions. 

One day I was massaging a client and felt overwhelmed by their emotional energy. I knew, some formal instruction was needed and booked my preliminary Reiki training the very same day. Training in Reiki gives you a more formal and disciplined approach to the awareness of energy and I learned to properly ground myself and let energy pass through me. When practiced correctly Reiki healing does not deplete, but invigorates the practitioner by conducting more energy through them.

I am now qualified as a Reiki practitioner and will soon embark on the longer journey of becoming a Reiki master. 

I very much look forward to meeting you too and hearing your story.